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Margery Hellman is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Registered Occupational Therapist with over 25 years' experience in health care and 17 years in private practice.

Margery combines the healing benefits of yoga and the Feldenkrais Method to offer you an effective approach to accessing your natural affinity for health and happiness.

Margery has extensive experience working with a variety of conditions including:

• Lower back, neck, shoulder and hip injuries
• Scoliosis
• Overuse injuries
• Arthritis and age related stiffness
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Auto-immune conditions
• Chronic fatigue
• Menopause issues

Yoga For Seniors

Yoga for Seniors – Moving above and beyond

Lets debunk a few myths about yoga right now ….

Yoga is not:
– Fancy poses that tie your body in knots or turn you upside down
– Only for the young and fit
– Attending fast paced competitive classes where you risk injury

Yoga is suitable for anyone of any age and is it never too late to start a yoga practice.

The Ancient Science of Yoga Therapy addresses each individual. Considerations during a Yoga Therapy assessment include:

– Joint range of movement and strength
– Health history including medical conditions
– Past and present injuries
– Current lifestyle issues
– Your goals for your yoga practice

As we age our joints tend to lose elasticity and our muscles lose strength and endurance. Modern sedentary lifestyles hasten this process leaving us resigned to what we believe is an inevitable decline.

In addition our health care system fosters the belief that the professionals can fix us which leads to passivity and lack of self-awareness. Healthy aging is about empowering you to develop self-care practices and yoga therapy can play a key role for you in aging well.

A tailored Yoga practice empowers you to move beyond your current limitations to improved wellbeing and fitness for everyday activities that bring you joy.

By assessing where you are currently and setting small achievable goals we work together to enhance your flexibility, strength , sense of contentment and energy for life.

I have over 20 years of experience in teaching Feldenkrais and Yoga and am highly skilled at supporting you on your yoga journey to get it right and to keep you motivated to move and feel well as you age. I combine my skills as Yoga Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner to access your body’s natural affinity for self-healing.

Most people come to me for a series of one to one lessons and then move on to classes either Yoga or Feldenkrais. Classes are a cost effective way to continue to build on your improvements over time and many keep attending for years.

Lastly the process is enjoyable … it feels good to move into places that we have forgotten about and to connect deeply with our breath nourishing our souls. In

Mindful Movement for Pain

Mindful Movement for Pain Management

Yoga , Mindfulness and The Feldenkrais Method

Pain is Australia’s third most costly heath problem not to mention the toll to the individual pain sufferer’s life. Pain is the body’s natural way of protecting us and initiating healing. It is a complex biological phenomenon resulting initially from tissue damage but when persistent causes neuroplastic changes to our nervous system that lead to persistent pain.

Many modern approaches to pain are proving unsuccessful creating addictions and costing the individual dearly in time and money with little or no benefit. Pain is a mind –body process and our perception of the pain, and our emotional state play significant factors in persistent pain syndromes. Once the nervous has become “ wired “ for pain even small movements and stressors can tip the balance causing pain to increase and so the cycle continues.

The ancient healing practices of Yoga and mindfulness have much to offer the pain sufferer. Yoga and Meditation directly link us into the web of mind -body connections and harness a powerful self-healing process through the nervous system. The first experiences of the practices of mindfulness and yoga for pain were lead by Jon Kabat – Zinn in his groundbreaking research at The University of Massachusetts Hospital in 1979.

Since Kabat Zinn’s development of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) the evidence for the powerful benefits of these Ancient healing practices has been growing steadily.

The Feldenkrais Method is also a healing art that has much to offer the pain sufferer. Through small gentle movements done with curiosity and awareness to sensations we become aware of patterns of holding tension and strain and are free to find new pathways to move and breathe that create less pain and more freedom.

The Mindful Movement approach leads to a positive  Neuroplasticity ,where the brain with practice can actually grown new connections . In Mindful Movement we explore movement from a safe ,  gentle ,  whole body approach. This leads us to a wholesome place of  acceptance,  kindness and  curiosity ; replacing the emotions of fear and helplessness. Learning to trust our own senses and experiences builds an inner wisdom and relaxation that inevitably makes living with pain easier.

This approach takes some practice effort and time; as the nervous system is being re-wired through gentle movement, breathe awareness . It is about taking back control of your life and trusting your innate sense of what you need rather than just listening to the advice of others. With this comes hope and with hope comes positive change.

As an Occupational Therapist and Yoga Therapist working for over 25 years with people in pain I feel excited by the new paradigm and the promise it holds to reduce suffering. I will be offering a new 8 week yoga course soon – Mindful Movement for Pain.

Contact me to learn more about this course and how Mindful Movement can help you !!

“ Once the mind sees clearly that it is creating suffering, its inherent wisdom lets go of the processing that creates it, just as we let go of a very hot object as soon as we register the pain it is causing “

Teasdale and Chaskalson 2011


Yoga for Cancer the benefits are many

As a Yoga Therapist I have been Teaching Yoga at the Chris O Brien Lifehouse for 2 years. The Chris O Brien Lifehouse in Camperdown has a unique Integrative Medicine Centre within the hospital known as the Livingroom. The Livingroom offers a range of Complementary Therapies including Yoga classes.

My yoga classes are gentle and adapted for the individuals needs. Moving slowly and mindfully and regulating the breath triggers the relaxation response and the well-known benefits of yoga are the result.

So what are the benefits of yoga for people living with Cancer? I will briefly discuss a few in this blog but for more information you can read up on latest research at the following websites.




Apart from the research and the benefits listed below Yoga is an enjoyable and addictive way to improve your mental and physical health at any stage of your Cancer Journey 

Yoga strengthens the immune system

A healthy immune system supports the body to fight cancer cells. There are many recent studies showing that Yoga and Meditation boost immunity; for example A 2013 study found that regular yoga and meditation assisted in circulating cancer fighting immune cells in those who practiced regularly.

Yoga Increases Lymphatic Flow

The movements and breathing practices in yoga pump the muscles and lymphatic system assisting with the flow of lymph and detoxification process.

Regular Yoga practice assists with the management of fatigue. Several recent studies published in major Oncology journals in the last few years have demonstrated the significant reduction in fatigue that occurs with yoga practices.

Yoga reduces feeling of stress and anxiety and promotes a positive emotional state. Ask anyone who practices yoga regularly and they will tell you this. The mood boosts are no different for those coming to yoga that is dealing the barrage of daily stressors that cancer diagnosis and treatment bring.

Here is what one of my regular yoga students says about her experience with Yoga

When I first started yoga, I could barely move; I had absolutely no strength and I fell asleep instantly during the relaxation session. After six weeks, the nausea gradually became less severe and less persistent. I started a twice-weekly reconditioning rehabilitation program to help get my strength and fitness back and as I became fitter, my ability at yoga improved and I enjoyed it more and more. The stretching and focus on movement felt, and still feels, so good. The practice is calming and relaxing and the pace of the exercises is so appropriate to what I need. I look forward to my class every week and try very hard not to miss a lesson.” Yoga classes are open to anyone undergoing current treatment for cancer or post treatment.

My yoga classes at Chris O Brien are open to anyone at any stage of their cancer journey.

Tuesday 4-5 Gentle / Beginners Yoga

Friday 11:30-12:45  Yoga

Feel free to ring me to chat about my classes.

0407 433 565




Mindful Yoga the Joy of Slowing Down

Do you want a safe and healthy way to practice yoga without the pressure of performing fancy poses or the risk of injury ? Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics teaches yoga in a mindful, deliberate way suitable for everybody from beginners to seasoned Yogi’s. Out modern lives are already too hectic full of rapidly changing demands and environmental stressors- we don’t need to be repeating these habits on the Yoga mat. Our Yoga practice should be a time for unwinding the knots of tension and anxiety creating balance for living off the mat .

Moving slowly with a focus on the breath and body creates a deep internal unwinding that is at the heart of Yoga . My yoga classes are accessible to students from all walks of life including beginners or those with back pain or other injuries. Slowing down is good for the body and soul… we crave it and find deep peace when we allow ourselves this time and space to heal . Stability , connection , expansiveness and sensing our deep calm abiding is what a balanced yoga practice is about . Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics classes are taught in Annandale and easily accessible to most suburbs in the inner west of Sydney including; Glebe, Leichhardt, Stanmore, Camperdown and Balmain . Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics is the culmination of 20 years of teaching and exploring movement , breath, mindfulness and connection to the higher self .