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Sitting well , move well and breath well- living with balance in the modern world

Sit well, breathe well and move well – keys to balance in a sedentary world As an Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 25 years supporting people to find more freedom of movement, peace of mind and balance in their lives I think there are some simple tools we can learn to reduce the impact of so much sitting that has become the norm in the modern world. These tools don’t cost much, have no negative side effects and are guaranteed to help you feel more joy and peace in your daily life.   Let start by looking at sitting. We have all been told over the last few years that sitting is bad for our health and it’s hard to know what to do...


Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method – potent remedies for your back pain

  Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method- potent remedies for your back pain Ever wondered what  Yoga and Feldenkrais  can offer you if you have a bad back  ? I have been helping people with back pain find more ease, more awareness and more joy in their bodies for over 25 years. My journey with helping people began with my own back pain many years ago. After trying many passive treatment approaches and getting only temporary relief from my pain I discovered The Feldenkrais Method and Awareness Through Movement. Rolling around on the floor like a baby hardly seems like a scientific method for relieving lower back pain  but it a favorite Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson for back pain .  Over and over I again I have seen...

restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga ; Relax , Renew ,Sustain

Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga Relaxation, Renew and Sustain Life is extremely busy and demanding these days. Our bodies are trying to keep up the pace and the result is stress hormones flooding our bloodstream unabated at times … a recipe for exhaustion and health problems. I am the first to admit my days are jam packed being self-employed means a never-ending stream of things to do. I love it all teaching Yoga, Feldenkrais and my work as an Occupational Therapist but it can all leave me feeling a bit depleted and wired … I am sure you know the feeling. Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga to the rescue, these styles of Yoga are deeply nourishing and bring balance to our over stimulated bodies and minds. I tell my Yoga students...