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Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement for Seniors

Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement

Yoga and Feldenkrais

I have been teaching a weekly mindful movement class to a group of seniors for 12 years now which is based on Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, Bones for Life and Gentle Yoga . The classes are a fun and inspiring way to maintain your body’s natural capacity for fluid movement, strength and overall wellbeing. Aging does not have to mean a steady decline in our ability to move freely and feel good … a weekly mindful movement session goes a long way to helping you relax muscle tension and discover an amazing range of options for movement that leave you feel energized and refreshed.

These benefits carry over into improved functioning in daily activities and greater enjoyment in moving and engaging in life.

The testimonials below highlight the thoughts of some of the class regulars on the benefits of Margery ‘s classes:

I have been attending Feldenkrais lessons with Margery Hellman for years. (you can check!). When I started I had a mild rotation cuff shoulder problem and by the end of the first term, this had healed. As an older woman I find the emphasis on hips, back muscles and shoulders very appropriate for my “ageing” body. The exercises involve gentle stretching and I leave each lesson feeling that my body has had a good, but not strenuous work-out. The classes are also enjoyable – there is no competition or dress code - Fay Briggs
I started Feldenkrais last year because of tight sore muscles and stiffness in my hip. I was amazed at the impact of the subtle movements, even in a short time. Much of the soreness and stiffness in my hip has gone. The Feldenkrais movements are different to anything I’ve done before and I enjoy experiencing a growing inner awareness of my body. I’m exercising in a gentle way, a much wider range of muscles and joints. Margery is a great teacher and I’m encouraged to listen to my body and do what works best for me. - MS

Margery offers group classes, private one-to-one Therapeutic Yoga, yoga for beginners, Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement lessons to aid individuals restore awareness, freedom of movement, health and wellbeing.

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