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Do you want a safe and healthy way to practice yoga without the pressure of performing fancy poses or the risk of injury ? Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics teaches yoga in a mindful, deliberate way suitable for everybody from beginners to seasoned Yogi’s. Out modern lives are already too hectic full of rapidly changing demands and environmental stressors- we don’t need to be repeating these habits on the Yoga mat. Our Yoga practice should be a time for unwinding the knots of tension and anxiety creating balance for living off the mat.

Moving slowly with a focus on the breath and body creates a deep internal unwinding that is at the heart of Yoga . My yoga classes are accessible to students from all walks of life including beginners or those with back pain or other injuries. Slowing down is good for the body and soul… we crave it and find deep peace when we allow ourselves this time and space to heal . Stability , connection , expansiveness and sensing our deep calm abiding is what a balanced yoga practice is about . Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics classes are taught in Annandale and easily accessible to most suburbs in the inner west of Sydney including; Glebe, Leichhardt, Stanmore, Camperdown and Balmain . Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics is the culmination of 20 years of teaching and exploring movement , breath, mindfulness and connection to the higher self.