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Online Yoga Classes – Continue your yoga sessions from the comfort of your own home.


Online offerings from Yoga Feldenkrais Therapeutics


I am now offering both group classes and private Yoga Therapy online.


Doing yoga online with me means you get a personalised service and a quality yoga practice that is right for you. It also means you can experience the benefits of Yoga from the comfort of your home . At present I am offering both group classes and private Yoga Therapy online .


Group Zoom Yoga offerings


My yoga classes are slow, gentle and suitable for beginners through to experienced Yogis. The classes harness the power of the breath to balance the body and mind and incorporate mind body awareness  and slow-paced asana (movements and postures) to improve overall flexibility, strength and relaxation and most importantly deepen awareness of our potential for insight and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.


Yoga is not meant to be a contest of agility or fancy body contortions; in fact the pose is just a shape that deepens a sense our connection to our body and breath. My aim is to make the yoga practice accessible to all and a place of refuge where we can cultivate the seeds of well being through a deepening of our awareness and the stillness and peace that lies within.


Monday pm 6:30 -7:45

Tuesday am 9:30- 10:45

Thursday pm 6:30 -7:45



Private Yoga and Yoga therapy


I am also offering private Yoga Therapy sessions via Zoom.  A one to once consultation is ideal if you have a health condition or are a beginner. We arrange a time to meet online ; spend some time exploring your specific needs I help you find a yoga practice that meets you where you are and allows you to gently progress toward discovering the gifts of yoga for both body and mind . I will provide you with a simple home yoga practice and support to continue to use yoga for ongoing well being .


Conditions that I regularly work with in Yoga Therapy include:

  • Back, neck spinal pain or hip and shoulder pain
  • Anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Side effects of Cancer treatment
  • Age related stiffness and loss of mobility


Feldenkrais Awareness through movement is also offered online or can be incorporated and blended into a Yoga session .

Check out one-to-one yoga with Margery.

View the yoga class timetable for classes in Annandale, Balmain and Camperdown in Sydney’s inner west.

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