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Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method- potent remedies for your back pain

Ever wondered what  Yoga and Feldenkrais can offer you if you have a bad back? I have been helping people with back pain find more ease, more awareness and more joy in their bodies for over 25 years. My journey with helping people began with my own back pain many years ago. After trying many passive treatment approaches and getting only temporary relief from my pain I discovered The Feldenkrais Method and Awareness Through Movement.

Rolling around on the floor like a baby hardly seems like a scientific method for relieving lower back pain but it a favorite Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson for back pain.  Over and over I again I have seen the benefits of retraining the body and mind to move with freedom, less fear, and curiosity using the tools of Feldenkrais.  You may never have heard of the Feldenkrais Method but if you suffer from persistent pain in the lower back (or any part of the body) you should consider this unique and highly effective system for reorienting the body and mind to move.

It is really quite simple; injections, surgery, pain killers are often band-aids. Well organised movement where the whole body is moving as a team and there is awareness drawn to what feels good leads to a lifetime of freedom. As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I will enlist your nervous system and intelligence on the journey to less pain and tension. Together we bookmark the postural and movement patterns and habits that lie at the root of the problem (no band aids here !!!) and then we gradually replace them with new ways to think move and sense. A Feldenkrais Practitioner uses a gentle touch, and verbally guided movement explorations as the tools of the trade – it took me 4 years to become a practitioner and many, many hours of exploring whole body movements in my own body – bye bye chronic back pain for sure.

Yoga is my other passion. Combine the Feldenkrais Method with Yoga and you have a potent mix of some of the most effective movement systems available for getting at the root of back pain. Yoga which has been around for thousands of years now has a wealth of evidence demonstrating its powerful impact for pain relief and transformation.

Most of my students acknowledge how much a role stress and anxiety contribute to bad back days and episodes.  Yoga, as we know, is a powerful stress reducer, mood regulator and tool for better posture and wellbeing. In essence, the yogis’ thousands of years ago were the original psychologists trying to understand the roots of human suffering and in their explorations finding that the mind and the body are intricately linked and the restoration of well-being lies in harnessing the power of your awareness and the intelligence of your body. If all that doesn’t make sense just think relaxed body relaxed mind and vice versa. We all know this on an instinctive level and I can see the lights going on when a student new to yoga relaxes their body and let’s go into their breath and feels the power of human awareness to direct attention and make the healthy choices.

If all this sounds like what you are looking for a few one to one Feldenkrais and Yoga sessions are likely to set you on the road to recovery then joining a class is what I recommend. It becomes a positive addiction !!!  Most folks who come to me have tried everything and are ready for a change from passive treatment approaches to taking charge. I am a big fan of empowering people toward self-management. It makes so much sense and ultimately saves you time and money.  It basically comes down to moving more mindfully and in tune with what nature intended through eons of evolution. The body is a truly amazing complex and self-regulating system – we just need to learn how to care of it, respect it and nudge it gently each day toward its potential. For more details about Feldenkrais read my website or other useful links

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