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Margery offers group classes, private one-to-one Therapeutic Yoga, yoga for beginners, Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement lessons to aid individuals restore awareness, freedom of movement, health and wellbeing.

Nothing makes me feel as good during the week as my weekly yoga class with Margery. She is a fantastic teacher – skilled, encouraging and nurturing of every class member.


Margery is a brilliant teacher. Her yoga classes are fun and challenging. She ensures that each student feels cared for and that they are reaching their full potential in the session. Margery incorporates her extensive knowledge of the human body to provide interesting insights into why we are doing each pose. The mediation at the end of the class is truly restorative. I thoroughly recommend Margery’s classes to anyone looking for a great way to stay mentally and physically fit.


Since regularly attending Margery’s yoga classes I have seen positive changes in my body and mind. My limbs feel like they have lengthened. I have much greater strength and balance. Margery is aware of each student’s individual abilities and seamlessly adjusts her teaching so that yoga is available to everyone. As a student with a chronic medical condition I am amazed at her unique ability to create a home practice for me. Margery is a rare teacher who has great impact on her students.


I have been doing Margery’s Feldenkrais classes for over ten years, from my sixties into my seventies, and can honestly say I leave every class feeling lighter, stronger more centred physically and mentally. The exercises and the breaks between them reach into so many parts of one’s body.


I was recommended to see Margery by my mother who had been hearing my complaints about RSI in my shoulder and lower back from working at home as a freelance editor and not having my home office set up properly. Three one to one sessions with Margery and I could start to use my shoulder again and the ergonomics of my desk were much better. I started Margery’s yoga classes and after 6 months I can breathe better, sit better and have learnt to relax at the end of a hard day.


Since starting Feldenkrais I have seen great improvements – less pain, better posture more energy, both physical and mental, and a general awareness of health and life. Life is worth living again.

Donn S.

Thanks to Margery Hellman’s Feldenkrais-based exercise, back pain that I had considered chronic has completely disappeared. Margery’s holistic, intelligent and educative approach has meant that I know how to progressively improve my posture. My general sense of wellbeing has also improved.

Jenny L.

I initially went to Margery out of desperation. It seemed there was nothing I could do to prevent my back from ‘going’. I was seeing a Physiotherapist to relieve the pain far too often and pilates just didn’t seem to help. I began seeing Margery for a few private consultations and then joined her yoga classes about 6 months ago. My back issues seem to be under control and I manage and move my body with much more awareness. I feel a new sense of freedom and confidence and would recommend Margery without a moment’s hesitation.