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Gentle, Creative and Fluid Movement

The Feldenkrais Method is a unique, highly effective approach to improving the way you move, think and feel. Feldenkrais can help you:

  • Recover fluid movement
  • Relieve pain and tension
  • Realise natural posture
  • Reconnect to your body 

The Feldenkrais Method uses gentle, creative and fluid movement explorations to integrate our awareness of how we move and assists us to break habits and patterns that cause us to unnecessarily tense and hold our bodies. This chronic holding and lack of awareness predisposes us to injury and pain and inhibits our ability to move well. Developing a happy and healthy moving relationship with your body also improves mood lessening depression and easing anxiety.

Most of us have very little awareness of how we move and our posture in daily life – Feldenkrais harnesses the power of our awareness through guided movement sequences igniting our innate capacity for intelligent movement. Feldenkrais is fun and empowering … you get to be your own movement detective working out what feels good and what doesn’t and owing the power of choice.

Deepen Your Ability to Move

Each of us is put together a little differently when we consider joint flexibility, soft tissue qualities, postural habits and bone shape. The discrete and refined movements that are explored in Feldenkrais when integrated into daily life make everyday movements such as sitting, walking and standing more fluid and satisfying.

Less repetitive strain on joints from  Feldenkrais teaches us to spread the load more equally and efficiently when we move.

  • Feldenkrais enhances our ability to be more playful and lighter in our bodies ultimately reducing tension and pain
  • Feldenkrais gives us permission to find unique ways of inhabiting our bodies in daily living and discovering  what our body needs to feel whole and integrated.

Two parts of the Feldenkrais Method

Functional Integration

One to one lessons where the practitioner use precise touch to create ease, alignment and awaken awareness. The lessons are individually tailored to your specific needs. Most students start their Feldenkrais journey with Functional Integration and love it !!

Awareness Through Movement

These are unique whole body movement lessons designed around a theme such as lengthening the spine or turning the head and eyes which capture your attention, feel good and leave you wanting more! Margery has been teaching one group of students Awareness Through Movement in Balmain for more than 15 years now.

Here’s what students say

“Thanks to Margery Hellman’s Feldenkrais-based exercise, back pain that I had considered chronic has completely disappeared. Margery’s holistic, intelligent and educative approach has meant that I know how to progressively improve my posture. My general sense of wellbeing has also improved.” Jenny L.

“Since starting Feldenkrais I have seen great improvements – less pain, better posture more energy, both physical and mental, and a general awareness of health and life. Life is worth living again.” Donn S.

Margery runs Feldenkrais awareness through movement classes and one to one private Feldenkrais lessons for beginners through to advanced for students living in the inner west area including Annandale, Leichardt, Glebe, Balmain, Camperdown, Stanmore, and Petersham areas.