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Ergonomic Workstations

Margery has over 15 years experience in assessing people’s workstations and is able to get to the root of the problem and help to resolve it with efficiency and effectiveness. Ergonomics is about setting up your workstation to fit the demands of your work and your body proportions. The height of your desk, chair adjustments, monitor height and the best mouse and keyboard for your needs are all part of the assessment.

If you have been experiencing pain while sitting at your workstation, an Ergonomic Assessment will determine what you need to do to work safely and comfortably. Margery will visit you at your place of work and assess your needs. She will provide you with recommendations for adjusting your workstation or buying specialised equipment such as ergonomic chairs or keyboards.

Good ergonomic set-up can make all the difference in preventing chronic muscle tension and conditions such as frozen shoulder and overuse injuries. As ergonomics are only one aspect of a healthy work environment. Margery also provides postural education and Smart Sitting exercises as part of the assessment.