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Yoga For Pain Care

Yoga for Persistent Pain – Yoga for Pain Care

Pain that persists is no fun … it drags us down and keeps us from engaging fully with our lives. I have over 25 years of both personal and of professional experience dealing with the issue of pain that persists.

Persistent or chronic pain is one of the most difficult conditions to cope with or treat medically. Pain is costly to both the individual, the health care system and to our wider society.

Pain until recently was misunderstood; the recent science of pain has highlighted the Pain myths and offers fresh hope

We now know that:

Pain that persists does not mean more “damage “if we take a balanced approach to pain we can get on with our life once we learn to accepts its fluctuations and learn to “ride the waves “. Modern medicine has led us to believe there is cure for pain but in reality, it is part of the human experience and drugs, surgery and injections often fail. Pain is a complex mind body phenomenon; Yoga Therapy to the rescue !!!

Pain Care Science and Yoga

Yoga offers an active, and effective way to ease pain and learn to live with it. I never promise we can rid you of pain as that would be dishonest, but Yoga therapy can help you be free of the suffering and endless searching for cures and support you to find a happier body and more peaceful mind.

Yoga offers those living with pain a whole person approach; pain is a multidimensional mind body experience and Yoga practice personalised to your needs can address the complexities that lie within the pain experience and free you of its bonds.

The art and science of Yoga works gradually to:


  • Release and re – pattern neuromuscular patterns of tension and fear and helps us find easeful and satisfying ways of being in our body, supporting healthy posture and movement patterns.
  • Balancing the nervous system; reducing the fight or flight response and enhancing the “rest and digest “or relaxation response that is available to us at any time.
  • Improving functional breathing patterns; the way we breathe underscores the biochemistry, biomechanics and emotional / social habits that develop with injury, trauma and pain.
  • Learning tools from the Yoga tradition empowers you to self-manage pain saving you ultimately money and time.
    • Yoga is about the whole body moving and often an injury is about a pattern not just the particular joint where the pain is felt. Both Yoga and Feldenkrais are whole body approaches
    • The whole body movements address underlying fascial and muscular imbalances and return us to moving freely
    • Awareness of the body tightness or where we hold tension is also improved which is a potent part of the process of recovery
    • Yoga addresses the underlying mental and emotional issues that are often related to our pain – remember the muscles and the brain are intimately connected
    • And last but not least Yoga feels good, so we want to keep doing it!!!Yoga Therapy is personalised and safe … you can do yoga even with pain!!!Research is now showing that Yoga is an effective approach for those with chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

      There are several reasons why it is so effective for movement / postural based disorders:

Margie offers you a Pain Care package to get you started

Initially you will need and assessment and personalised guidance and attention during private Yoga Therapy sessions 4-6 sessions are recommended but it really depends on your personal circumstances.


A short home movie can be provided so you can repeat the experience at home; creating long lasting changes that transform you beyond the pain experience.


Rebates may be available from Private Health, Medicare CTP or Workers Compensation for Occupational Therapy / Yoga Therapy.


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