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Yoga Can Improve Mood & Reduce Anxiety

For hundreds of years people from all walks of life have found that yoga improves their mood, reduces anxiety and help them to feel more balance in their body and mind. Science is discovering now what Yogi’s have always known is that by developing body awareness (interoception), working with breathing patterns and learning to quiet the mind that our mental health naturally improves.

As a yoga therapist supporting people with trauma or mental health issues I see and hear from people I teach everyday how much Yoga has helped them feel less stressed, more peaceful and more ready to engage fully in life.

Yoga supports our natural ability to find a sense of calm and peace by regulating our stress response. Our ability to use our awareness to regulate our breath, posture, tension and thoughts are enhanced through a well-designed yoga practice.

Studies show that yoga increases natural mood enhancing chemicals in the nervous system, regulates our heart rate and reduces inflammation and enhances immune function  leading to feelings of well-being and balanced energy levels

It is a natural part of life to feel low or anxious at times but modern day life has increased our vulnerability to  persistent depression and anxiety. Yoga offers us a natural remedy that is empowering and transforming with only positive side effects.