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Yoga for Seniors – Moving above and beyond

Lets debunk a few myths about yoga right now ….

Yoga is not:

  • Fancy poses that tie your body in knots or turn you upside down
  • Only for the young and fit
  • Attending fast paced competitive classes where you risk injury

Yoga is suitable for anyone of any age and is it never too late to start a yoga practice.

The Ancient Science of Yoga Therapy addresses each individual. Considerations during a Yoga Therapy assessment include:

  • Joint range of movement and strength
  • Health history including medical conditions
  • Past and present injuries
  • Current lifestyle issues
  • Your goals for your yoga practice

As we age our joints tend to lose elasticity and our muscles lose strength and endurance. Modern sedentary lifestyles hasten this process leaving us resigned to what we believe is an inevitable decline.

In addition our health care system fosters the belief that the professionals can fix us which leads to passivity and lack of self-awareness. Healthy aging is about empowering you to develop self-care practices and yoga therapy can play a key role for you in aging well.

A tailored Yoga practice empowers you to move beyond your current limitations to improved wellbeing and fitness for everyday activities that bring you joy.

By assessing where you are currently and setting small achievable goals we work together to enhance your flexibility, strength , sense of contentment and energy for life.

I have over 20 years of experience in teaching Feldenkrais and Yoga and am highly skilled at supporting you on your yoga journey to get it right and to keep you motivated to move and feel well as you age. I combine my skills as Yoga Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner to access your body’s natural affinity for self-healing.

Most people come to me for a series of one to one lessons and then move on to classes either Yoga or Feldenkrais. Classes are a cost effective way to continue to build on your improvements over time and many keep attending for years.

Lastly the process is enjoyable … it feels good to move into places that we have forgotten about and to connect deeply with our breath nourishing our souls in.