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Fascia and Yoga for Freedom of movement and healthy aging

As a Yoga teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience teaching people to release tension in their bodies and minds through mindful movement I am heartened to see the science of fascia catching up to what movement therapists have always known

The body is not a set of separate joints and muscles it is an interconnected system with the web of soft fascia that wraps and encases the organs, joint, nerves and bones supporting our structure. We need a balance of mobility and stability to move well and prevent injury and strain in our bodies and that is why working with whole body movements such as in Yoga and Feldenkrais supports well-being on all layers of our complex mind body system.

In the last 10 years science is discovering how important this soft, elastic and plastic tissue called fascia is to overall health and freedom in our bodies. Sedentary lifestyles and the aging process contribute to tension knots called trigger points in the fascia causing pain and making us feel stiff. The fascia dries out and becomes hard, fixing our bodies in poor postural patterns and habits. Movement and deep held stretches that we do in Yin Yoga hydrates the tissues and supports a reorganisation of the fibers in the fascia helping the soft tissues to slide and glide with ease. This is why yoga and Feldenkrais leave us feeling light, energised, free and at peace.

Recent findings in the field of fascia research are also showing that the nervous system benefits from deep stretching of the body, triggering chemical changes in the nerves and brain that make us feel a sense of calm and inner peace. The lymphatic system which is where our immune system lives flows in the fascia so immune function is also enhanced when we stimulate our fascia …. So many benefits from this seemingly inert substance that was once considered to be of no particular value.

Chinese medicine and Yoga ancient healing practices that are now popular in modern life for boosting health have always know about the energy in the body needing to flow freely. The energy is said to flow in the meridians (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Nadi’s ( Yoga ) and practitioners describe the feeling of this  enhanced flow  as a  pulsing , throbbing , warmth with resultant freedom in the body . Stimulating the fascia brings us to a deep sense of wholeness and well-being that is why yoga has been around for thousands of years and continues to grow in popularity.

These benefits are not just for the experienced and well-seasoned yogis or “Feldy’s ” they can be made accessible to all bodies with persistent pain and stiffness. As a Yoga Therapist / Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 20 years of experience I will guide you slowly and gently finding what your body best responds; to supporting you with home practice or regular class attendance at one of my popular weekly yoga classes. Contact me to discuss your options; I can guide you on your journey meeting you where you are and opening you up to the realm of possibilities that your fascia and it web of connection to body, mind and spirit can offer.