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What is Yoga Therapy?

“A process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well- being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga” – Gary Krafstow

Yoga Therapy is Yoga tailored to your needs. Yoga Therapy is ideal for those with health and medical conditions who need the guidance and support of a trained Yoga Therapist.

As a fully qualified Yoga Therapist I have additional training to my Yoga Teacher training which has given me skills to apply yoga individually for your particular needs. Together we explore using the tools of yoga including; movement, breathing practices, meditation, relaxation and visualisation to improve your quality of life.

Yoga Therapy can support you to manage the side effects of your condition such as

fatigue, pain and stiffness, anxiety, low mood, cancer treatment, digestive complaints. Yoga can also help you cope from the effects of Trauma switching on your natural your ability to turn down the stress response through improve body awareness and self-care.

I am a Trauma aware Yoga Therapist and currently work in mental health at Clinical Psychology practice Life Care in the inner west.

As a Yoga Therapist I will develop a personalised Yoga Practice alongside you that is safe and easy for you to do at home on a regular basis. Or you may choose to have one to one support with me over a period of time to help you develop confidence with yoga. A short regular home yoga practice supports physical and mental well-being and give you back the feeling of having some control over your own health. It is cost effective and empowering!